Descale-It ® Bathroom Cleaner

  • Cleans Tiles and Fixtures
  • Removes Soap Scum and Mineral Scale
  • Removes Rust Stains
  • Certified 100% Biodegradable
  • No Fumes! No Gloves!
  • "The Safe Choice"

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Certified Biodegradable Product

4-Pack (4-22 oz. bottles)  $32.76
8-Pack (8-22 oz. bottles)  $52.42
Combo Pack(6-22 oz. with 6-22 oz. bottles of LimeEater)  $77.90

Also available in our Variety Pack.

If you need assistance in ordering, feel free to call: 520-294-5676
Take the work out of cleaning!
Let Descale-It products do the work for you.

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Descale-It ® Products Company

Descale-It ® Products Company
4357 S. Santa Rita Ave · Tucson, AZ 85714
Phone: (520) 294-5676
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Descale-It ® Products
"The Safe Choices"


Certified Biodegradable Product

Descale-It ® Products Company is committed to producing effective, earth-friendly products. Descale-It Lime-Eater ® was the first product in its class to be Green Cross Certified by Scientific Certification Systems as 100% biodegradable.


Try Our Variety Packs!

Descale-It Variety Pack
(4 Product Case)
1-22 oz.
Bathroom Descale-It
1-22 oz
1-16 oz.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
and one of the following:
32-oz. Pool & Spa Descale-It
or 32-oz. SeaSpots Gone!
or 16-oz. Earth-Friendly Cleaner for Animals
or 32-oz. Cooler Treatment



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