Descale-It ® Products FAQs

Q. I want to purchase products that are "environmentally safe." Many of these products just aren't as effective as other products that don't make those claims. Aren't there any products that can do both?
A. You don't have to settle for ineffective products to fulfill your desire to help the environment. Descale-It Products Company has developed Advanced Technology Formulas that use highly effective, biodegradable ingredients.

Q. What does biodegradable mean?
A. The dictionary defines biodegradable as "capable of being readily decomposed by biological means, especially by bacterial action." So, biodegradable refers to the process of the product breaking down, by chemical and biological means, into common substances found in the environment such as carbon dioxide and water.

Q. Help, I am sensitive to many chemical products and can't stand fumes.
A. Descale-It Products do not contain phosphates, borates, petroleum distillates, chlorine bleach or other chemicals that can irritate skin: They also do not generate irritating fumes and can often be used by chemically sensitive people. Though we make no medical claims, chemically sensitive customers tell us that they are able to use our products without problems.

Q. What are "toxic" substances?
A. Toxic substances are used in many cleaning products to improve their performance. However, these substances are harmful chemicals that can cause serious physical injury if inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. When they are used, products must carry applicable warnings or instructions such as "Poison," "Do Not Inhale Fumes," " Avoid Contact With Skin," and "Harmful if Swallowed." Descale-It products do not contain these substances and yet our customers testify that they are highly effective products.

Q. Is your package recyclable?
A. Our bottles are made from recyclable HDPE and have a recycle symbol on the bottom to facilitate sorting at a recycling center.

Q. What is scale?
A. Scale, calcium, lime, hard water spots - all refer to the white deposits that are left behind after water evaporates. Nearly all water contains minerals and other impurities. Sure, water in some areas is "harder" than in other areas, but all water contains some minerals.

Surfaces that are constantly exposed to water, like those in the bathroom, are constantly getting wet and then drying. The water evaporates leaving behind mineral deposits. These build up over time resulting in a tough problem that most cleaners, and often even elbow grease, can't cure.

Add these hard water deposits to the common problem of soap scum and you have a hard crusty mess. Descale-It products are especially formulated to tackle these tough cleaning problems. Try them and you will be impressed.

Descale-It products are not recommended for use on natural marble, unsealed grout, cement or wood.

Take the work out of cleaning!
Let Descale-It products do the work for you.

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Descale-It ® Products
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Certified Biodegradable Product

Descale-It ® Products Company is committed to producing effective, earth-friendly products. Descale-It Lime-Eater ® was the first product in its class to be Green Cross Certified by Scientific Certification Systems as 100% biodegradable.


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Descale-It Variety Pack
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32-oz. Pool & Spa Descale-It
or 32-oz. SeaSpots Gone!
or 16-oz. Earth-Friendly Cleaner for Animals
or 32-oz. Cooler Treatment



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